Practice Areas

Civil Litigation

We shepherd our clients through the litigation process and attempt to resolve your case as quickly as possible. Many times we will attempt to resolve the matter by correspondence and informal communications. If informal negotiations are unsuccessful, we will proceed to mediation, arbitration, or litigation, as appropriate and as the client directs. We provide all services including, but not limited to, representing you at hearings and drafting, answering and filing pleadings. It is difficult to put a timeline on civil cases so our firm strives to be as patient and supportive as possible.


Bankruptcy is not the world’s most pleasant experience, but we strive to help our clients who have found themselves in a difficult situation and to resolve their problems as quickly and easily as possible – hopefully with an occasional laugh. We offer assistance with both chapter 7 and chapter 13 filings and we provide vigorous counsel for parties in adversarial proceedings.

Contracts & Agreements

This area of practice has many components which can include rental agreements, non-compete agreements and real estate agreements. We also review and evaluate agreements before they are signed, to make sure our clients will not be taken advantage of and are represented properly.

Corporate Structure & Organizations

We advise companies on the legal aspects of ownership structure and organizing with Articles of Organization, Operating Agreements or LLC documents, along with contracts, financing, collections, antitrust issues, taxes, purchase and/or sale of assets and succession planning.

Domestic & Family Law

This area of practice can be difficult and emotionally demanding for all parties. It is one that requires a special expertise to manage and our firm strives to help clients through this difficult time. Domestic areas can include: 

  • Child custody and visitation 
  • Paternity 
  • Guardianship 
  • Divorce and separation 
  • Divorce modification 
  • Child support modification 

Estate Planning & Probate

Estate planning can provide peace of mind that loved ones are provided for if the unthinkable happens and can make certain that your property and health care wishes are honored. For instance, if you were to become incapacitated, a Will and Power of Attorney allows someone you trust to have full authority to act on your behalf, such as managing your banking accounts, paying your bills, running your business, and signing general and legal documents. We help you navigate decisions concerning your estate like “Will vs. a Trust” and “What to include on a Healthcare Directive”. We can also explain what a probate does for your estate.

Elder Law

Closely associated with estate planning is planning for retirement and, potentially, long-term medical care. We assist clients with information about retirement planning, Medicaid planning, Medicare, nursing home rights, disability planning, health care decisions, long-term care insurance, social security issues, and issues that surround clients who are planning to retire.

Labor & Employment Law

This surrounds issues if a worker has been or is being violated at their place of employment, and the rights of a worker. We can assist clients to protect their rights if they have been wrongfully terminated or have been subject to sexual harassment.

Personal Injury

Whether you’ve suffered an injury at work, been in an accident, or are a victim of medical malpractice, our goal is to help you reach a fair settlement.

Criminal Law

We handle select low profile cases in a discrete and effective manner.

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